Municipality of Prato The City of Prato, with its 188,000 inhabitants, is the third largest city in central Italy, following Rome and Florence. Its industrial production (district) has traditionally focused on textiles (intermediate goods in the fashion industry, i.e., fabrics and yarns) and more recently on clothing (full textile and clothing for the fashion industry as a whole, including intermediate goods in the textile plus garments and knitwear). In its role as a public authority, the Municipality of Prato has prioritized the T&C sector and associated issues…


Lille Metropole Lille Métropole is a local public authority which brings 85 cities together and represents over 1,1 million people. Lille Métropole elaborates and implements sustainability-driven local strategies in order to answer inhabitants’ expectations and improve the quality of life. Main intervention areas of Lille Métropole are Economic development, Waste management, Transport, Urban planning, Environment/natural areas management. In the framework of Metropolitan economic strategy adopted in 2009 Lille Métropole supports the textile sector, which is one of the 6 strategic priorities. Lille Métropole has an integrated…


Prato Textile Museum Foundation The Textile Museum of Prato can be considered one of the most important cultural centres dedicated to conservation, study and valorization of old and contemporary textiles. Its strong connections with textile companies of the area and contemporary industrial production is a quite unique charateristic in the contest of European museology. Prato Textile Museum was opened in 1975 in the Textile Technical Institute “Tullio Buzzi”, as a cultural institution for the recovery of the local productive history and to support training in the sector of…


Agency for regional and economic development – Vratsa

Agency for regional and economic development – Vratsa (BG) The Agency for Regional and Economic Development –Vratsa is a non- profit organization, registered in public interest. The ARED supports regional development and particularly the SMEs competitiveness; HR development; community development in the region, actively works for elaboration and implementation of strategies for economic development. Established in 1999, more that 10 years works for the best interest of its members- SMEs and municipalities. The ARED designs and implements business support projects; vocational training projects (HRD),…


Lodz Region The Lodzkie Region with its capital city – Lodz – is situated in central Poland, within 200 km from the majority of the most important cities in the country and within 1500 km from almost all European capitals. It is inhabited by over 2,5 mln people, i.e. 6,7% of the country’s population. Central location is the region’s great asset, owing to a well-developed communication network. Two motorways substantial to European transport – A1 and A2 – will intersect in Strykow near Lodz. The region’s…


KTU Regional Science Park Established 12 years ago in Kaunas, KTU Regional Business Incubator was the first business support programme of this kind in Lithuania. In 2005, during a world conference Best Science-based Incubator which was held in Turin (Italy), KTU Regional Business Incubator was nominated as a fastest growing technological business incubator in the world. On the 11th December 2006 the Business Incubator has become KTU Regional Science Park. The mission of the Science Park is to support innovative and technology-oriented small and medium businesses in Kaunas…


University of Southampton The University of Southampton has a distinguished heritage that can be traced back to the creation of the Hartley Institution in 1862. The Hartley Institution became a university college in 1902. It was renamed Hartley University College, and subsequently University College Southampton. In 1952, the Queen granted the University of Southampton a Royal Charter to award degrees in its own right, conferring full university status. University of Southampton is one of the UK’s top institutions for engineering, computer science and medicine. We combine academic…


Pannon Business Network Association PBN, as regional business development organization with 13 colleagues in 3 offices aims at strengthening the economic performance of small and medium sized businesses in the western Hungarian region. It intends to be the dedicated partner for foreign direct investors, furthermore, operates in partnership with the regional economic and labour organizations. Additional task of PBN is to map the opportunities of our founders – with priority to clusters and industrial parks – and to contribute to the reinforcement of their operation. It also supports…


AMAVE – Vale do Ave Municipalities Association AMAVE – Associação de Municipios do Vale do Ave, is an association of municipalities, composed by twelve municipalities and it has for main object the technical support, the coordination, the management and implementation of intermunicipal initiatives and actions inserted, mainly, in the extent of the following activities: Automatic treatment of the information; Territorial Planning, regional politics and public transportations, environmental protection; Sociocultural development and economical development; Youth support; Collective representation of the Cities, and, any other initiatives of intermunicipal interest. This associative model allowed…


PLUSTEX is cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund within the INTERREG IVC Programme. The Interregional Cooperation Programme INTERREG IVC, financed by the European Union’s Regional Development Fund, helps Regions of Europe work together to share experience and good practice in the areas of innovation, the knowledge economy, the environment and risk prevention. EUR 302 million is available for project funding but, more than that, a wealth of knowledge and potential solutions are also on hand for regional policy-makers.

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